QuinnBet 25% Back Of Weekly Losses Betting Offer


With QuinnBet being one of the newest online bookies it is fair to say that they have some catching up to do with other bookmakers when it comes to number of customers. This hasn’t stopped them coming firing out of the starting blocks and QuinnBet have certainly been making all the right noises since they launched.

We’ve always said that due to the UK sports betting market now being so crowded with numerous operators it is a golden time for sports betting customers. As the bookmakers compete, for not only new customers, but to keep the ones they currently have, it has resulted in the customers being showered in betting offers.

QuinnBet quickly realised that to get new customers it can be fairly easy. You just offer a competitive welcome free bet bonus and away you go, the hard part is keeping those players. This is where QuinnBet have really made an impression as they try to be one of the best online bookies for rewarding their loyal customers.

They are one of the top bookmakers online for betting offers and promotions for customers and the QuinnBet 25% Back Of Weekly Losses Betting Offer is a prime example.

You did see that right, QuinnBet will refund 25% of your weekly losses as a free bet up to £50, each week. You won’t find many bookies being that generous. Obviously you would hope never to qualify for this betting offer, but it is highly unlikely you will always have winning bets.

Qualifying is fairly simple, just place a minimum of 5 sports bets during the week (4 of those bets must be at least 50% of your biggest bet) and if your betting account has made a loss that week they will refund 25% of your losses as a free bet up to £50.

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All betting offers come with certain terms and conditions you should be aware of and this QuinnBet 25% Back Of Weekly Losses Betting Offer is just the same. They are actually there to protect both parties, and we’ll list all the T’s and C’s below but quickly run through the main points here, so you can see what you need to do.

First you should be aware that QuinnBet start the weekly clock at 00.01 Monday AM and the end is the following Sunday at 23.59. You then need to place at least 5 bets during that period and if your account makes a loss at the end of the week they will refund 25% of that loss as a free bet up to £50. It is worth noting at least 4 of your qualifying bets need to be of at least 50% of the value of your largest bet that week. So, for example, if your largest bet that week is £20 you will also need to place 4 bets of at least £10 each to qualify.

A great thing about this is that it is open to everyone so both new and existing customers can enjoy it and reap the benefits. In fact if you don’t have a Quinnbet sports betting account already you’ll be pleased to hear there is even more on offer for you. You can join today and claim the unique £1 No Deposit Needed QuinnBet free bet offer. Once you have enjoyed the QuinnBet free bet welcome bonus then you can sit back and enjoy a wealth of different betting offers which you’ll find hard to get matched by any of the other online bookmakers.

Terms and Conditions –

  1. The maximum free bet under this promotion is £/€50.
  2. At least 4 of your qualifying bets must be 50% in value of the largest bet you place during the week.

Example: if your largest bet during the week is £/€10 you need to have 4 additional bets of no less than £/€5 each.

  1. Overall Sportsbook losses to date are calculated from when your account is first opened and arise when your account has losses which exceed wins across QuinnBet events.
  2. Weekly Sportsbook losses arise when your account has weekly losses which exceed weekly wins across QuinnBet events in a given week.
  3. In the event that your Sportsbook weekly loss exceeds your losses to date, the refund will be limited to 25% of your losses to date.

Example: Your account is £/€40 down overall. Your weekly losses are £/€50. On Monday your account will be credited with a £/€10 Free Bet.

  1. You can only qualify under one of QuinnBet’s Club Promotion or Quarterback Promotion in the same week however your account will be credited with the maximum free bet entitlement applicable to your account across these promotions each Monday.
  2. We reserve the right to exclude certain customers from this promotion including players who participate in the promotion with multiple accounts. If you abuse the promotion, for example, if we suspect that you are using an abusive strategy to complete the wagering requirement, or you are able to guarantee profits regardless of the outcome of sporting events (whether individually or as part of a group), we reserve the right to exclude you from the promotion and to withhold the prize.
  3. QuinnBet reserves the right, at its absolute discretion to withdraw, amend or remove this promotion at any time.