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Our online betting school is the One-Stop place to learn all you need to know about betting and gambling. As with all things in life to be any good at anything, or even understand it then you will need to learn, and betting is no different.

Back in the day, before online betting sites most people only had the option to bet in betting shops and it is safe to say most were not too welcoming back then, being smoke filled and dark and dingy. Sports betting and gambling wasn’t the easiest craft to learn for a lot of people because of that but the internet has changed everything.

Now people can place their sports bets from the comfort of their own homes online, and have a wealth of information at their fingertips. Here is where we aim to bring you as much information and helpful guides as possible to help the complete novice bettor right up to experienced gamblers looking to brush up their knowledge. Whatever your level of sports betting we aim to make beating the online bookmakers that little bit easier here with our betting school section.

Betting School 18-06-2020

What is Cash Out Betting? And How You Can Use This Bet Feature

What is Cash Out? Cash Out is a fairly new feature that many online bookies now offer their sports betting customers as a chance to end bets before the event finishes. Usually this is used in live in-play betting which gives you the chance to end your bet before the end of the event, when […]

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Betting School 05-06-2020

Common Mistakes Bettors Make When Enjoying Betting

When it comes to betting and gambling the main thing that people should remember is that it should always be fun. The moment it stops being fun is the moment you need to stop. Letting your betting get out of hand is one mistake, and we’ll look more into that further down this article, but […]

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Betting School 05-05-2020

Refer A Friend Betting Bonus Offers

Anyone that has been enjoying online betting and gambling for a fair while will have noticed how much the industry has changed over those years. Many online bookies have been and gone, betting trends have changed, different free bets have appeared, betting offers have become aplenty and more betting markets have arrived on the scene […]

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Betting School 27-04-2020

Guide to Free Bets and UK Bookies Welcome Bonus Offers

The rise of the internet has been a huge game changer in the world of gambling with online betting now being a huge industry. It is amazing how popular online betting has become and with that, how competitive the UK online sports betting has become for the bookmakers. Choice is always something that is great […]

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Betting School 30-03-2020

Bookies who are no longer serving the UK betting market

Over the last few years the online betting landscape in the UK has changed dramatically. With many takeovers, mergers and firms going bust there has been numerous bookmakers come and gone. We decided it might be worth listing some of those bookies that used to be listed here at and give a brief explanation […]

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Betting School 29-03-2020

History of the Bookmakers

Gambling has now become a huge industry around the world which in 2018 was valued at over $48Billion. The growth in recent years, especially UK based has been huge but how did we get here? Gambling actually can be dated back thousands of years even before the times of written history, way before gambling houses […]

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Betting School 30-01-2020

Who owns the bookmakers? Mergers, Acquisitions and Takeovers

As with many things in life the makeup of the gambling sector, especially due to online gambling, has changed massively over the last couple of decades. In the past before online betting and gambling came about the high street bookmakers were the place to bet. The high street was dominated by the “Big 3” back […]

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Betting School 15-08-2019

GamStop – All You Need To Know About The Gambling Self Exclusion Scheme

The headline might come as a bit of a surprise seeing it is on a website that promotes online betting sites and offers betting tips. However, we at Online Bookies are big believers that betting should be enjoyable, you should get fun out of placing a bet, but you should bet responsibly, and it shouldn’t […]

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Betting School 23-07-2019

Guide To Betting Exchanges

Betting exchanges have been around for a fair while now and revolutionised the online betting world when they were created. Although betting exchanges have been around for nearly 20 years now they are still not understood by quite a number of online bettors. So we have decided to produce a guide to using betting exchanges […]

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Betting School 03-07-2019

Horse Racing Terms – A-Z Glossary Guide To Horse Racing Terminology

Horse racing can be a confusing world for the beginner with many ‘slang’ terms used throughout the sport. With this in mind we thought it would be useful to bring all these terms together in a simple guide to help you learn all about these terms and their meanings. Our simple A-Z glossary will guide […]

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