Refer A Friend Betting Bonus Offers

Anyone that has been enjoying online betting and gambling for a fair while will have noticed how much the industry has changed over those years. Many online bookies have been and gone, betting trends have changed, different free bets have appeared, betting offers have become aplenty and more betting markets have arrived on the scene such as eSports, and that is just scratching the surface.

When online betting started to get traction and become popular in the UK the online bookmakers were a lot different to now. A lot used their High Street presence and reputation to get their customers in and that was about it. As the competition started to grow many of the bookies started to offer free bets for new customers and welcome bonus offers. It stayed like that for a fair few years before more betting offers for existing customers started appearing for loyal customers.

‘Back in the day’ though some of the bookies were becoming quietly cute in the background and in a way to find new customers realised their current customers could offer a cheap marketing and advertising stream. This is when ‘Refer A Friend’ betting offers started to appear.

For a good few years these offers were very popular with both the bookmakers and customers. It gave the bookmakers a chance at new customers and also the punter got a nice reward, such as a £20 free bet for example. Although many of the bookmakers have slowly phased these offers out there are still a good number that still offer Refer a Friend betting offers, so we’ll run through those here, so you can see if you can bring your friends to a new bookie and get yourself some nice free bets, basically for hardly doing anything.


Betfair seem to have been offering a refer a friend bonus for their customers since day one. Although their referral bonus has changed slightly over the years the principle is still the same. Each customer has their own referral code in their account which you can share with non Betfair customers. If that person then signs up to Betfair and uses that code and places a £10 bet within 60 days of registering you will get yourself a £10 cash bonus. You can also repeat this a maximum of 5 times, so you can claim up to £50 free.

Don’t forget, you might not be a customer of Betfair yourself at the moment, but you can still join them and claim a £100 Betfair free bet offer first. Then start referring your friends to claim even more free bonuses.


Unibet has a huge Refer A Friend betting offer that can get you up to £250 in bonus money. The Unibet offer is slightly different to most as it works on a sliding scale with you getting more money with the more new customers you send. It is easy to claim however, just head to the refer a friend section. Then you simply send your friend an invitation and if they sign up and meet the wagering requirements within 60 days you get a free bonus. The first customer you send gets you a £30 free bonus, and then it goes up by £10 for each customer until your 5th where you get a brilliant £70 bonus, which all adds up to £250 in free bonus money.

You can also claim an Unibet free betting offer up to £50 as well if you currently don’t have a sports betting account with them. You can claim your own Unibet welcome bonus and then sit back and enjoy more bonuses by referring your friends, it couldn’t be easier.

Sporting Index

Sporting Index are one of the most famous and popular spread betting websites, and they also offer a competitive refer a friend bonus. Here Sporting Index will give you up to £1000 in free cash depending on how many customers you refer, the maximum is 10. Although claiming this bonus is a little bit more ‘manual’ than other betting offers it is still one of the biggest refer a friend betting offers.

To start the process your friends must register a new account and select the ‘Friend Referrer’ option and then add either your name or account number. Then within 30 days, once they have completed the wagering requirements of 3 bets of at least £5 with the potential to win or lose £20 you need to phone customer services, and they will credit you a generous bonus. You can claim this 10 times as well, so it really isn’t that much hard work to get your hands on £1000.

Even if you are currently a customer with Sporting Index you can join a claim a welcome bonus that is very rare, a no deposit needed free bet bonus. That’s right, you can claim a £100 Sporting Index free bet offer when signing up without the need to deposit. Not many betting sites will be offering something like that!

Paddy Power

Anyone that has paid any attention to sports betting and the bonuses revolving around it won’t be surprised to see Paddy Power getting involved in a refer a friend bonus, nor putting their usual humorous slant on it. Billing it as ‘Friends with benefits’ you can enjoy the Paddy Power refer a friend bonus and claim up to £200 every 30 days.

Each customer gets a unique ‘referral link’ that your friends need to sign up to Paddy Power with. Once they have signed up and placed a £10 bet within 14 days of registering you will get a £20 cash bonus, this goes up by £10 for each customer you send within a 30-day rolling period, up to your 5th bonus which is a generous £60. And don’t forget, you can max this bonus out every 30 days, so it is a brilliant offer to claim.

There is nothing stopping you claiming a welcome bonus either if you don’t currently have a sports betting account with Paddy Power. You can join them and claim a brilliant £20 Paddy Power free bet offer, before you start referring your friends.


Spreadex are another online betting site that started out with spread betting and also have a great refer a friend scheme. Here you can get a £100 free bet for each customer you refer. Simply get your friends to register and when they get a welcome phone call they need to mention your name and postcode. They then need to make the easy wagering require within 28 days, and you can claim a free £100 Total Goals Spread Bet.

You can also join Spreadex yourself before you start referring new customers and claim a great welcome bonus. You can get your hands on a brilliant £300 Spreadex free bet welcome bonus offer which is a great way to start.

So as you can see, although these refer a friend betting offers have dropped out of favour with some of the online bookmakers you can still reap some great rewards by using the ones still available. After all, there is nothing better than free money, especially when it is so easy to claim.